What is a continuing disability review?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2021 | Social Security Benefits

People who are injured and aren’t able to work anymore may determine that they need to file for Social Security Disability Insurance. The process for getting approval is usually lengthy. One thing that some people will learn is that they have to have a continuing disability review

Understanding this aspect of the disability process is important. There are several points you should know before you go through this. 

The assigned category determines review frequency

Your case will be placed into a category that is based on what the expected long-term prognosis is. These directly impact how often your case will be reviewed if you’re approved for benefits:

  • Medical improvement not expected: Usually at least seven years between reviews
  • Medical improvement possible: Reviews typically occur every three years
  • Medical improvement expected: Review occurs at least 6 months and up to 18 months after benefits start

When you’re approved for benefits, you’ll receive a notice that tells you when you’re going to have the next review. Each review could mean that your benefits will stop if it’s determined that you’re no longer disabled. You do have the right to appeal if that’s the determination — but your time is limited. You must act quickly. 

Anyone who’s filing for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits should ensure they get the application in as quickly as possible. There’s a chance that denials will occur and appeals will be necessary. Working with a person who’s familiar with these matters is often beneficial so you can draw on their knowledge of the process as you go through it.