My Parent Needs Nursing Home Care But Has Not Planned, What Do I Do?

It is often not too late to protect assets, even if you or your loved one are already in a nursing home. Many will tell you that all is lost. This is simply not true. Our office is still able to help even if no pre-planning has been done. Call us today for your free Medicaid qualification assessment. We can show you how to legally protect the maximum amount the law allows.

How Do I Qualify For Medicaid To Pay My Long-Term Care Costs?

Medicaid qualification is the actual process of applying for the benefit to ensure Medicaid will begin paying for your long term care. It requires a multiple-page application with detailed proof of all financial records, transactions and assets for the previous 60 months. The Medicaid rules are extremely complicated. The completion of the application is extensive and any error may make you ineligible for benefits, including applying prior to qualification.

Don’t do this alone. Let me – attorney Angela Davis-Morris, founder of Davis-Morris Law Firm – handle your Medicaid qualification for you. In most cases, the fee you pay to my firm is with the assets slated to go the nursing home. I can advise you throughout the application process, ensuring that you retain the maximum income and assets allowed by law.

The Nursing Home/Hospital Offered To File My Medicaid Application For Me. Should I Let Them?

The most important thing to remember at this point is that the nursing home/hospital representative does not work for you. They work for their employer. And as much as they may want to help, they often have limited information about your financial situation and are not in a position to legally advise you on the best ways to protect what you have worked your entire life to save. Besides, their employer will want a Medicaid determination as quickly as possible and filing your Medicaid application too early, can cause you to lose a period of eligibility or worse.

Be certain you qualify before your application is filed. Davis-Morris Law Firm can help. My staff and I will review your complete financial situation, even in a time of crisis, to be sure you have the best opportunity to qualify BEFORE we file your application.

Do You Need An Attorney To Apply For Medicaid?

While having a lawyer’s assistance to apply for Medicaid Qualification for Long-Term Care is not required, it is certainly highly recommended and can benefit you in many ways. First and foremost, an experienced lawyer knows the application (qualification) process and the regulations involved. They can keep you from making a misstep that may cost you your Medicaid eligibility and potentially benefits.

Get The Help You Need To Resolve Your Medicaid Planning Crisis

Because the Medicaid application process is complicated and the rules ever-changing, this is an area you should seek appropriate counsel before you apply for Medicaid qualification. A knowledgeable attorney can make the process easier, less stressful and will assure you legally protect the maximum amount of assets and resources allowed by law. Call my office at Davis-Morris Law Firm in Hattiesburg today at 601-602-8874. My staff and I know Medicaid.