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Essential Answers About Disability Benefits

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) from the Social Security Administration (SSA) are very confusing areas of law. When you are trying to get the benefits you need for an injury or illness, not having the answers you need may be keeping you from securing the benefits you deserve.

I am attorney Angela Davis-Morris, and I have made a career helping the people of Mississippi secure the disability benefits they need. At my office, Davis-Morris Law Firm, I answer many important questions surrounding these benefits. Throughout the years of providing this crucial information, I have compiled a list of questions about these benefits for which everyone should have answers.

Am I eligible for disability benefits?

Not every injury or illness qualifies for these benefits. In order to qualify for these benefits, your ailment needs to have lasted for at least 12 months, be expected to last 12 months or be expected to end in death. The ailment also needs to keep you from earning any sustainable income as well.

How long do I have to wait to apply for benefits?

The sooner you apply for disability benefits, the better. Earning these benefits is not a simple task and can take as long as a year or more before you finally gain the benefits you rightfully deserve. In fact, if you wait to apply, you may actually lose benefits over time.

How can I strengthen my application?

The more information you can provide in your initial application, the more likely the SSA will approve it. Be sure to include ample proof of your medical condition and its history, your treatments, a letter from your doctor confirming your condition and your work history.

How can I pay for my lawyer?

Most people who are applying for disability benefits do not have extra income for an attorney, but thankfully, they do not need it. Disability lawyers work on contingency. Because disability lawyers only collect their pay from the benefits they earn for you, you will not pay one cent upfront. Our fees are generally withheld from the back benefits you receive.

Do I need an attorney?

Having an attorney to help you with your disability claim can be a vital asset for you. I can help you present your strongest possible case in your application and appeal any rejections you may receive. If you are ready to meet with a skilled and dedicated attorney, contact my Hattiesburg office today. Call 601-602-8874 or email me to begin pursuing the benefits you need today.