Peripheral neuropathy: An often-debilitating condition

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2022 | Social Security Disability

Many people don’t realize how much they rely on nerves for the body to function properly. When there’s damage to the nerves, the body may not work as it should. One condition that can occur with nerve damage is peripheral neuropathy.

This condition can lead to pain and numbness. It can lead to weakness, which can negatively impact the hands and feet and how they function. In some cases, it will also impact circulation and digestion. The pain is often severe.

Why might peripheral neuropathy be debilitating?

Not only do people who have this condition have stabbing or burning pain, but they may also be sensitive to touch. They could have serious pain during activities that wouldn’t normally be painful. Even walking can be difficult to impossible. Muscle weakness and problems with coordination can lead to the person falling. All of these symptoms can make it hard for people to work, especially with the sensitivity to touch.

It’s possible that medications may treat peripheral neuropathy. Treating the underlying cause can also help to provide relief. Sometimes, the condition won’t respond to treatment. The impacts would be permanent, which can mean the person won’t ever be able to return to work if the condition is impacting their ability to do job duties.

Anyone who has a disability that’s preventing them from returning to work should ensure they get their application submitted for Social Security Disability Insurance. This program provides benefits for hardworking men and women who aren’t able to work because they were injured or suffer from an illness that’s debilitating. In some cases, filing an appeal is necessary so you can get the benefits you’re due.