Why Should I Hire an Attorney for my Social Security Disability Case?

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2014 | General

Social Security disability (SSD) benefits are available for those who are medically unable to work for a living. While millions around the country are in need of these benefits, the application and approval process can be extremely difficult and overwhelming. For this reason, many choose to hire an attorney to help them with gathering the right materials, filling out and submitting the application, and appealing a denial if necessary.

The following are benefits of hiring an attorney to help you with your Social Security disability case.

#1: Many applicants are denied the first time, often for technical reasons.

While statistics vary state-to-state, an average of 70% of applicants are initially denied benefits. A large percentage are denied due to “technical denials,” having nothing to do with the applicant’s condition or medical history. Experienced disability attorneys know the ins and outs of the system and are able to gather the necessary information in a timely manner, and will ensure all documents are completed properly and submitted. If you are denied your first time applying, having a lawyer help you throughout your appeal will be extremely beneficial. A lawyer can expedite the process and keep you on the right track in your claim or appeal.

#2: You know you have someone on your side.

No one likes to go through legal matters alone. Living daily life with a chronic illness or injury can be difficult enough without the financial stress. Your lawyer or lawyers will be like your team, keeping contact with you throughout the process to understand your needs, and aggressively fighting for your rights so you can be awarded the money to live the life you deserve.

#2: Your attorney works on a contingency-fee basis.

What does contingency-fee mean? It means we don’t get paid unless you get your benefits. If we are able to secure your benefits, you will pay a fee of 25%, with a cap of $6,000.

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