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The world of disability and social security benefits is a complex and difficult one. Hiring an attorney to assist you in your quest for benefits will likely be the smartest thing you can do. However, it will not hurt to understand a brief overview of what types of benefits are available; you may be eligible for more than one depending on your situation.

Disability Insurance Benefits:

As long as you have paid a specific amount of Social Security tax over a certain amount of time and you meet the medical requirements, this may be the benefit for you. Not only is there a cost-of-living raise at the start of most years, but your spouse and children that are dependent may also qualify.

Supplemental Security Income:

With this benefit, you do not have to have paid out a certain amount, for this benefit is based off of financial need.

Disability Widow/Widower Benefits:

The point of this benefit is clearly that widows and widowers of deceased disabled spouses will still be receiving income they were relying on. Certain requirements exist, such as age, time you were married, etc.

Disabled Adult Child Benefits:

Children of people who are receiving disability insurance benefits or who died while being covered by social security are potentially eligible for these benefits. Age restrictions exist, and the amount paid out is based on what your parent’s rate was.

There are a myriad of benefits available, and it can be cumbersome to decide which one is the right one for you. Davis-Morris Law Firm is here for you when it comes to benefits; contact us today at 601-602-8874.