Working While On Disability?

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2015 | General

Depending on the type of disability benefits you or a loved one has qualified for, it is possible to work while still on disability. Clearly, some disabilities do not allow for anyone to work in any capacity, which is why these benefits exist. However, sometimes people are injured or disabled in a way that they cannot continue their current job. Once they have recovered enough where they could potentially work elsewhere, just not at their original job, they can take advantage of a program called “Ticket to Work”.

What Ticket to Work does is teach disabled individuals new skills. For example, if a waitress or construction worker became disabled, they are eligible for disability benefits, having paid out to social security throughout their time working. After a period of time where they could recover enough to do work that does not involve manual labor, they can enter this program. With this program, someone who originally made their income doing a job that they physically cannot do anymore can learn to do something that they physically can do.

Once this person learns a skill, such as data entry, they can enter the work force in a trial period where they are still receiving disability benefits. This work incentive program is hugely beneficial for those who want to return to work but do not have any marketable skills that they can physically accomplish. As they get better at this skill, they can slowly get off disability, as they can eventually go back to supporting themselves.

When you are disabled, it can be difficult and confusing to apply for benefits you deserve. Contact Davis-Morris Law Firm to answer any questions you may have.

Courtesy of: Social Security Administration