Disability Application Components

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When it comes to applying for Social Security disability benefits, it can become overwhelming. The application process alone is enough to make anyone’s head spin! On top of this, many who apply are denied the benefits they ought to be guaranteed. Fortunately, Davis-Morris Law Firm is here to help with paperwork and guide you or a loved one through this process.

Parts of the Application Process

  • About Yourself: The application will ask basic questions, as well as about your children, education, marriages, and citizenship.
  • Work History: You’ll have to fill out information about jobs you have had over the past fifteen years, along with other questions about earnings and pension.
  • Other Benefits: The application will also go in depth about prior applications you have filled out for Social Security disability benefits, as well as other benefits you have applied for, such as worker’s compensation.
  • Disabilities: Clearly, the application will ask specific questions about your disability. They will want to have a list of illnesses, injuries, and conditions, and why they limit your ability to work.
  • Medical Treatment and Tests: You’ll need to provide exact information regarding every doctor, hospital, and clinic you visited, as well as every medical test you had administered. Our professionals will be able to obtain this information from the right sources.
  • And more!

As you can see, the application process is tedious and extensive. When you are suffering from a debilitating condition, you should not have to worry about dealing with applications and bureaucratic problems. Contact Davis-Morris Law Firm for a free consultation!

Courtesy of: Social Security Insider