Social Security and Children

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2016 | General

Whenever a child is sick, the parent will do everything they can to help them. If a serious disease, such as cancer, is diagnosed in a child, Social Security benefits are often available. Parents often need help with medical costs, along with supplemental income, as many parents have to take off time from work to take care of their child. Depending on your financial situation, Supplemental Security Income or Social Security disability benefits may be available to you.

If your family has a low income and your child is diagnosed with a debilitating condition, SSI may be an option for your family. Applications are available through the Social Security Administration, though it will be a long process. The financial support that these benefits provide is often necessary when you are in the process of taking care of your child. From transportation costs to time off work, along with the costs that insurance does not cover, the financial burden is immense. While these benefits may not cure your child, they can provide some amount of relief.

If you yourself are already receiving benefits (retirement or disability), your child may be able to receive disability benefits through you. When a child is disabled or facing something like a cancer diagnosis, it is important to know your options, especially if you are already on a fixed income.

Whichever situation you find your family in, Davis-Morris Law Firm can help
. We understand how difficult it is to financially take care of your family, particularly if one of your children is sick. Fortunately, options are available through the Social Security Administration. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Courtesy of: Social Security Administration