Qualifying for Benefits With An Anxiety Disorder

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Panic disorders and anxiety are two extremely serious conditions. In severe cases, these disorders are debilitating and can prevent people from being able to work in normal environments. Proving disability when it comes to a mental illness can be difficult. However, it is not impossible, particularly if you hire a disability attorney that understands the intricacies of Social Security disability law.

What Is Anxiety?

There is no blanket definition of anxiety, as this disorder is a complex and often hard to understand condition. However, the Social Security Administration has guidelines in place to help the court determine if someone is suffering from a severe enough form of anxiety or panic disorder to receive benefits.

What Are These Guidelines?

If the applicant is suffering from another physical disorder, they have a greater chance at receiving benefits with the physical disorder over the anxiety disorder. However, if the anxiety is severe enough that the applicant is affected by at least two of the next four requirements, they are eligible for Social Security disability benefits:

  1. A severe restriction as to what daily activities they can participate in.
  2. Difficulties participating in social functions.
  3. Extreme difficulties with concentration, persistence, or pace.
  4. Repeated decompensation.

In addition, if the anxiety or panic disorder is so severe that they are completely unable to function outside of their own home, this can give the applicant eligibility.

With any mental illness, getting benefits can be more difficult, as the court cannot often see the disorder with one’s own eyes. Hiring an attorney often leads to much higher rates of success than if you try to tackle the SSA on your own. If you or a loved one is suffering from severe panic or anxiety disorders, contact Davis-Morris Law Firm for your free consultation.

Courtesy of: Social Security Disability Resource Center